7 Exciting New Books Coming Soon From Story Time

It has been a roller-coaster ride for Team Story Time during the first couple of months of 2015. We received bulk orders for our storybooks for kids from schools in and around West Bengal. Story Time books were also displayed at regional book fairs, at places like Siliguri and Cooch Behar. We are also in talks with the heads of leading montessori schools in Kolkata for organizing digital interactive storytelling sessions.


Given the way in which the popularity of our books surged at the online bookstores for kids in particular from the second half of 2014, we had decided to expand our catalogue of storybooks. The big question was, which would be the new books that kids will love. Users of the Story Time mobile app for kids would be aware that we have digital versions of more than 60 lovely stories. After long discussions, detailed surveys among parents and feedback from kids, we zeroed in on the following 7 new entries to our line of books:


  • Naughty Ninja Robot

Naughty Ninja Robot

This tale is a huge hit at the interactive storytelling events we conduct at schools. It introduces children to Naughty Ninja – a little, playful robot – who is fond of playing pranks on his friends (who are of course, also robots!). An unfortunate grievous accident leads to Ninja getting banished from his homeland, Robo City. He is sent to Planet Earth – where he comes across many new things, and ultimately learns a couple of valuable life-lessons. The story ends with a reformed Ninja being reunited with his parents.


We have tried our best to make ‘Naughty Ninja Robot’ one of the best storybooks for kids at present. A host of interactive features have been included in it – right from word puzzles and crosswords, to origami and treasure hunts. Information about the different planets have also been included. Yet another high point of this book would be its HD illustrations and world-class bind quality. For parents looking to buy kids’ books online, Ninja would be a great choice.


  • Charlie The Ogre

Charlie The Ogre

Little kids love to read short thrilling stories. That is the main reason behind ‘Charlie The Ogre’ making its way into the Story Time catalog of books. The story revolves around little Sam, who, unknowingly, wanders into the house of a giant. The rooms are untidy and full of cobwebs – but that’s the least of his concerns. Why, you ask? For, just as he is about to leave, heavy footsteps become audible. Children would stay hooked to find whether Sam is able to make it out of the fearfully large house safe and sound.


Like all our other books, ‘Charlie The Ogre’ has also been priced at a very competitive level. There will, of course, be additional discounts on offer for those who purchase this storybook online. We have focused on presenting the story in a fresh, new, colorful manner. As Sam goes through the adventure of his lifetime, the adrenaline of the readers will be set racing – that’s for sure!


  • Open Your Mouth…Ha Ha Ha

Open Your Mouth kids' storybook

In a roundabout way, this is one storybook that would help children overcome one of their biggest fears – going for a visit to the dentist. ‘Open Your Mouth…Ha Ha Ha’ is a cute little story about a small boy named Tom – who is petrified of having to go to a dentist. There was no way out though – for he was suffering from a very painful tooth. All his inner demons are driven away soon though, by the sudden arrival of a tooth fairy in his dreams.


Open Your Mouth…Ha Ha Ha’ is a story that each and every kid will be able to relate to. It blends in a commonplace event with a touch of fairytale, making the book a breezy, captivating read. The book will be available for buying online, and will also be displayed at leading bookstores across West Bengal. You can order it (via eBay, Amazon and Flipkart) from any part of the country too, as soon as we manage to list it on these portals.


  • Book Combo 1: Where Is Pooh’s Pink Pajama + The Pink Elephant

The Pink Elephant storybook cover

We call this our ‘pink book combo’ – for the color plays an important role in either of the stories. Firstly, there is the melancholic elephant Pinky – who is the made fun of simply because she is…well, pink! An element of adventure descends when Pinky decides to wander off into the forest – maybe in search of some peace or solace. What finally happens is for the young readers to find out.

Pooh's Pink Pajama - online book for kids

The next tale in this storybook has Pooh as the central character. She cannot wait to be present at a pajama party – but disaster strikes at the eleventh hour. Her favorite pink pajama cannot be seen anywhere. Will Pooh not be able to attend the party? That’s another thing children will have a lot of fun finding out.


Where Is Pooh’s Pink Pajama + The Pink Elephant’ is the first of our all-new collection of 2-in-1 storybooks. Kids would love to get more to read, while parents would also get more value from the storybooks they buy online.


  • Book Combo 2: Goldilocks And The Three Bears + The Gift


Your child may have already read the classic tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – but even so, our unique presentation style and the plethora of interactive elements will pique his/her imagination. What’s more – we have included ‘The Gift’, a story of true emotions, in this book too. You will be able to buy this amazing combo book from any leading online bookstore for kids.

Goldilocks & The Three Bears

The story of Goldilocks has a fair few similarities with ‘Charlie The Ogre’. In this one, a little girl wanders into the abode of three bears, has their food and drinks, and falls asleep on their cot! Your child will be mighty relieved to find out that Goldilocks does not suffer any bodily harm…and comes out of this smiling and all in one piece.

The Gift: Popular picture storybook for kids

The Gift’, on the other hand, is the story of a small boy, Tom, and his elderly grandmother. The kid is planning to attend a fair, and wishes to get a lovely gift for someone. Already curious about what the gift is, and to whom will Tom give it? Wait for a few days, we will let you know when this book combo arrives at kids’ bookstores.


  • Book Combo 3: Zookeeper + The Smallest Potato

This storybook offers dollops of fun and adventure in equal measure. Kids will be thrilled by the precarious position little Zini finds herself in, in the tale of the ‘Zookeeper’. She had gone with her parents for a visit to the zoo – but all on a sudden, she finds herself alone, with mommy and daddy nowhere in sight.


The story of Betty, the smallest potato, is entertaining in every sense of the word. Betty is ridiculed for being…well…so small, by the other potatoes. Her problems compound when, unseen by others, she rolls on into a sink at Lange’s. What lies in the fortune of Zini and Betty? Purchase this amazing kids’ book online, and let your li’l darling find out!


The ‘Zookeeper + The Smallest Potato’ story-combo comes with lovely illustrations, high-quality character images, and easy-to-follow narrative. This one is also adorned by a series of fun interactive elements – ranging from origami challenges and spelling puzzles, to treasure hunts. Since the stories are relatively rarer, we expect this offering to be just that bit extra successful.


  • Book Combo 4: Hero + Goodnight Sleep Tight


Adventure and frightening monsters – all in one book! If you buy this all-new kids’ storybook from Story Time, your child will be able to find out all about Hero – a young boy – who fights off dangerous gangs of robbers and drives away a ferocious tiger, to keep himself and his mother safe. The series of adventures they face during their nighttime journey through a forest will excite young readers – that’s for sure.


The other story in this book, ‘Goodnight Sleep Tight’, revolves around Winnie – a little girl who is terrified of monsters (ah well…which kid isn’t?). She fears the worst when she sees a gigantic shadow moving towards her one night in her bedroom. Let’s just say it would be absolutely fascinating for children to find out whether Winnie has indeed been attacked by a monster.


Each of our new books has been designed in a colorful, imaginative manner – and are bound to appeal to children’s imagination. We have endeavoured to blend in reading fun with educational benefits and opportunities to expand general knowledge base. The interactive exercises would do their bit to improve the analytical skills of the young ones too.


We have online bookstores for kids on eBay India (http://www.ebay.in/usr/storytimekids), Amazon India, Flipkart and Shopclues. We already have a huge lineup of storybooks listed on each of these online portals – and the new ones would soon become available too.


At Story Time, we constantly try to bring to you the best children’s books. Do check out our new books – you (and your son/daughter) will be delighted!