About Us

There's nothing like curling up with a good book, right? If you too feel so, welcome to the Story Time bookstore. If you are on the hunt for good online books for kids at competitive prices - this is the very best place for you!

Enormous Stock Of Books

Searching for a title at Story Time is similar to visiting any popular brick-and-mortar bookstore - except the the big crowds and the long queues. We have a huge range of storybooks for kids. Log in, browse along, and choose the ones your kid would like. There won't be any dearth of books that capture his/her imagination - we promise you that!

Commitment To Excellence

Providing good online books at great prices, while maintaining lofty quality standards - that's what Story Time is all about. All our books are available in top-quality paperback format. Delivery is done in collaboration with top courier partners, to destinations across the world. If you buy online books for kids from us, you will never have any cause for complaint.

Your Security Is Our Concern

Story Time abides by stringent Privacy Policy regulations. Our online bookstore portal is partnered by eBay, and the shopping cart on the site helps you keep track of all your book-purchases. Oh, and there are no hidden charges, sales taxes, and other such stuff either.

Finding The Best Books Is A Matter Of Minutes

Literally so. When you log in to purchase online books for kids from Story Time, you will find all the titles neatly categorized according to their genres and reader-age suitability. From adventure tales and thrilling travelogs, to timeless fairytales and captivating picture books - we have them all!

Have a fun time shopping for nice paperback books for kids from us. We love to see the little ones smile - and handing them a good story book is the best way for ensuring that!