Privacy Policy

To provide you with optimal book-shopping experience on our website, Story Time gathers certain information about all visitors. If you regularly purchase kids' books from us, you'll soon realize why we are regarded as one of the best online bookstores in the world!

To become a registered user of Story Time, the following information is required:

1. Your full name.

2. Your landline/mobile number.

3. Your email id (you can provide multiple email addresses).

4. Your address (City, State, Country).

Please note that all these information are stored in our secure database, and there is absolutely no chance of unauthorized data access.

Additional Information Collected By Story Time

To buy books on the internet, you can log on to your Story Time Club account from any location, and via any web-enabled device. To serve our returning customers better, we track the IP addresses of the system from which you log on. The browser and operating system you are using are also tracked, along with the time and duration of your log-in sessions. As before, these details are solely used by us to serve you better.

Use Of Your Email Address

The email address you provide is never used for any promotional purposes by Story Time. We only use it to:

a) send weekly newsletters.

b) send confirmatory mails after you order books online from our store.

c) send occasional feedback requests.

d) send updates about new book arrivals, limited-period contests and special discount deals.

Please note that, if you come to the Story Time portal from any other website - the latter would never be linked to your account, in any way.

Payment Security

Story Time pays prime importance to all cybersecurity regulations. Our online bookstore offers assurance in the form of collaboration with eBay. The payment gateway is completely secure, and no one else would ever get to know about the financial transactions you conduct. Proper encryption is done for protecting sensitive personal data.

We offer you an unmatched opportunity to check out the finest online books for kids. All that you have to do is pick the titles that your child would love. There's no need to worry about data privacy all!